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Our intensive quality control system ensures total product compliance, eliminating the need for incoming inspection at the customer level.

Features and Benefits:

Just-in-time delivery

We eliminate the need for expensive warehousing by delivering manufactured parts just in time for assembly.

Special Metals

Stainless Steel


Contract Manufacturing Services:

Stainless Steel Fittings

Spex Precision Machine Technologies produces made-to-order precision fittings to customer specifications. Fittings are commonly manufactured of 303, 304, 316, 17-4 PH stainless steels as well as exotic alloys such as Monel and Inconel.
precision machining

CNC Turning - Lathe

Spex, utilizes a variety of CNC turning solutions including two axis lathes for simple work; sub-spindle CNC lathes for automated completion of the backside operations; live-tooling and C axis machines for elimination of secondary operations on complex parts requiring milling and cross drilling operations; and even very complex multi-axis Swiss type CNC lathes with up to twelve axes of control.

CNC Machining Centers - Milling

With a full powered Esprit CAD/CAM system to support even the most elaborate geometries, Spex' programs and equipment meet the challenges of modern production parts.

Manifolds Machining

Spex Precision Machine produces made-to-order manifolds to exact customer specifications. Manifolds are typically made from Aluminum, Brass, and Steel. From small two port designs to larger twenty port manifolds and usually have either tapered or straight mechanical pipe threads.

Swiss Screw Machine Products

We use CNC Swiss Turns with up to twelve (12) axis of CNC control and we can machine in one operation, even the most complex screw machine product imaginable.

We pride ourselves with having an unusually broad capability and offer the ability to match the best machining process to achieve the quality and cost economies across a broad range of production requirements.

Multi-spindle Screw Machine Products

Spex is a leader in high-volume production of turned metal parts manufactured on multi-spindle screw machines. Parts are routinely made of steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum and other metals. Spex multi-spindle screw machine parts are used to support automotive, defense, aerospace, appliance, electronics and other diverse industries.

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